Michigan Tech Symposium on Forest Biomaterials

You’re invited to attend a Michigan Tech Symposium on Forest Biomaterials, hosted by the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science. This forum will feature nine speakers, sharing their research and efforts that are relevant to this cross-cutting initiative.

Speakers and topics:

  • Peter Laks: Durable wood construction
  • Robert Handler: Sustainable Futures Institute
  • Sangpil Ko: Biomass Transportation
  • Bruce Lee: Biomedical Design and Polymers
  • David Shonnard: Wood Based Biofuels
  • Robert Froese: Wood Products Supply Chain
  • Zhanping You: Sustainable Transportation Substrates
  • Jon Sticklen: Education
  • Feng Zhao: Wood for Tissue Engineering

The symposium will be held in G002 of the Forestry building, today from 3 to 5 p.m. A formal program will be held from 3 to 4:30, with a social and discussion from 4:30 to 5.

Dean’s Teaching Showcase: Dean Johnson

The Dean’s Teaching Showcase nominee for this week comes from the School of Business and Economics. Dean Gene Klippel has chosen to recognize Dean Johnson, the James and Dolores Tretheway Professor of Finance, the director of the Applied Portfolio Management Program (APMP), and the Assistant Dean of the School of Business and Economics.

Klippel again looked for an instructor both exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate within a discipline, as well as someone who exhibits genuine caring for students. Johnson sees student relationships as a “springboard to propel students’ learning, “and one of the key elements of his effective teaching. He feels instructors need to “demonstrate genuine concern” for students’ futures, because “Once I develop a personal relationship, it becomes much easier to push, push, push them to learn and study because they realize I truly have their best interests at heart.”

Johnson’s work in the APMP has also distinguished him in terms of disciplinary knowledge, and was a significant factor leading to his recognition as a Michigan Professor of the Year in 2012. Dean Klippel also emphasizes this kind of instruction which reaches “beyond the classroom to support the success of students.” Johnson himself says that he tries to “clearly connect material to the ‘real world’ as often as possible,” and sees his role as continuing to evolve in this direction. He finds increasingly that “as professors our responsibility for the teaching environment extends beyond the classroom…we must be creative and thoughtful in the design of unique educational opportunities for our students.”

Johnson will be formally recognized with the 11 other Dean’s Teaching Showcase nominees at a luncheon near the end of spring term. Please join Dean Klippel and the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learningin thanking Dean for his outstanding contributions to the teaching mission of the School of Business and Economics

New Funding

PI John Vucetich and Co-PI Rolf Peterson (SFRES) have received $450,000 from the National Science Foundation for a five-year project titled “LTREB: Instability, Contingency and Global Change in a Terrestrial Food Chain.”

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