The following educational opportunities are just a snapshot of what is available to students at Michigan Tech who are interested in pursuing research or a career in Forest Biomaterials. Our programs are housed in several departments, schools and institutes throughout campus which highlight the broad coalition of interdisciplinary faculty, staff and students involved in developing a greener future through biomaterials.

Undergraduate Degree Program
Starting in the fall of 2015 MTU will be offering for the first time a B.S. in Natural Resources Management which will prepare students for a wide variety of career options. Students may find employment as resource managers in the private sector, state and federal agencies, and non-governmental organizations. The NRM program will prepare students who want to develop more specialized skills at the graduate level through research or coursework based degrees. Other students will pursue this degree program due to their interests, and use it as a more broadly defined qualification as they enter the job market or graduate, law or business school.

Undergraduate Enterprise

Green Campus Enterprise was created in fall, 2008 as a result of the Carbon Neutral Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) project. The Carbon Neutral AQIP project was initiated to improve the integration of sustainability into Michigan Tech’s research and education. Under the AQIP project Green Campus is charged with estimating the University’s carbon footprint and suggesting ways to reduce it. Green Campus works with the Executive Team and provides them with project progress reports at the end of each term. Determining the carbon footprint is instrumental in selecting energy reduction projects which will eventually reduce Michigan Tech’s impact on the environment and save the University money.

Enterprise is student-driven, multidisciplinary teams that work like companies on real-world client projects, whether the deliverable is an innovative product, a pioneering solution, or a much-needed service. The hallmark of the Enterprise Program is the experiential training it provides to students.

Graduate Program
Study Locally, Learn Globally with the Peace Corps, the largest international employer of forestry and natural resource specialists. No matter what your preferred area of research, our program is customizable to you. Choose from one of three degree tracks—a Master of Geographic Information Science (MGIS), a Master of Forestry (MF) or a Master of Science (MS) in Forestry, Applied Ecology, or Forest Ecology and Management—and gain your foundational education. Then, receive your Peace Corps placement and travel abroad, using your knowledge to serve the people and meet the needs of your host country.

The Sustainability Graduate Certificate, offered by the Sustainable Futures Institute, allows students to select classes that focus on integrating the engineering and technology of industrial ecology; the science of environmental assessment and modeling; and the economic, human behavior, and policy-making aspects of the social sciences to develop professionals knowledgeable in sustainability. We offer a wide range of potential courses that work with many different academic disciplines and have had students from several departments in engineering, science, and humanities complete the certificate program.

For a complete listing of the Undergraduate Degree Programs, Minors, Certificate Programs, Graduate Degree Programs and Accelerated Master’s Programs offered at MTU please click here

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